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Severio Pitera Photography is one of Ohio's most exclusive and reputable Wedding Photographers in Bay Village, OhioWe also are amongst the very best Portrait Photography, School Event and School Photography companies in the Cleveland, Bay Village or Canton, Ohio area.   In today's market, when anyone in the Bay Village, Ohio area can buy a digital camera just about anywhere, you really need to make sure that your photographer in Bay Village, Ohio has the necessary experience to capture your wedding, portrait or high school event in a manner that will leave you with a memory to last a lifetime.

Finding the right professional photographer for your wedding or special event, in the Bay Village, Ohio area is not easy. In fact it's one of the greatest and most important decisions you’re faced with while planning your special day.   Sure, you want your guests to brag about the food. You want the music to be memorable and you will look fabulous in your wedding dress or tuxedo...  But it is the memories and special moments only the best photographers capture that give you the chance to cherish and enjoy your wedding for the rest of your life.
But don't just take our word for it, take a peak at our photo galleries or call us, any time, 7 days a week at 330-850-1151.Severio Pitera Photography is one of Bay Village, Ohio's most experienced companies in capturing your wedding day, through a storybook of images.   Let is help make your event memory in Bay Village, Ohio the best it can be.

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